[solved] Unable to boot into Netrunner 19 with encrypted partitions

I am using a dual boot environment with Windows 10 and netrunner 19 desktop Debian: I created the following partitions(ext4): /home. encrypted, /root. encrypted, Swap: encrypted, /boot. encrypted and modified the configuration file of Calamares at line 37(after VirtualBox) with - initramfs (as mentioned in another post). The installation was successfully and after rebooting the system starts but it hangs with a command prompt initramfs and nothing goes on. What goes wrong here? What I can do?

Thank you.

Seems like initrd is broken.
Can you try chrooting into the installed system and update initramfs.

update-initramfs -u
is the command you need to use.
As you have a separate /boot and / you need to mount both.

Would be nice to know if that fixes the issue you have.

I have solved this issue with the following partitions scheme: /root (ext4) luks, /home(ext4) luks, Swap luks. I added the -initramfs in line 37 to the calamares configuration file and all works fine now. Thank you for your help.

Thanks for reporting back.
So the initial issue might be because of the separate /boot partition. Noted that.