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(SOLVED) Virtualbox 2019.04-64bit.iso not installing


I’m using Virtualbox on Manjaro to try and test Netrunner rolling but when I get to the final stage of the install process it fails. I can’t figure out how to copy n paste from within VB but the error is something like…

Installation Failed
Boost.Python error in “unpackfs”.

and ends with…

File “/usr/lib/calamares/modules/unpackfs/”, line 152 in file_copy utils.warn(“rsync failed with error code{}.”.format(process.returncode))


Doh, only just noticed this and I was using the default 8GB of storage. VB install worked with 20GB…

“If you run Netrunner in VirtualBox, make sure it has 1,200 MB RAM and 16 GB diskspace.”