[Solved] WARNING: This OS is been created by people who ignore security

I dont know what to do other then warn the as much users to not use this OS. Security is this days a core part of an operating system. The people who create this OS dont seem to care about this. Otherwise they would fix issues like that: http://forums.netrunner.com/showthread.php?tid=18027

I don’t have access to those settings, etc.
However, what does the web page and forum have to do with OS security?

This security issue is been reported over 2 years ago and nothing happened.
Is that a sign for security interested developers. No. If the developers would care a tiny bit about security, they would care about a solution to not bring their users into bad situations - like now when every single user have to send unencrypted his password through the Internet. Even the admin have to login without encryption.

Did normal people then think the other parts of a project would be awesome maintained in case of security? No, for sure not. Every normal human would think “wtf, such basic security issues stay unfixed for years. The other parts probably don’t look any better”

You do realize that the team that maintains the web site and/or forums, is not exactly the same as the teams that maintain each version of the distribution itself?

No, how should i realize that? I just visit the homepage and see security issues. I dont know who is working on what.
Didnt you have in the last 2 years time to contact the person who maintains the website? I dont think that should be that hard when you are working all on this website.

Thanks for notifiying, the cert has been renewed and is live now.