(Solved) Wine 1.4 Problem

I’m enjoying the latest 13.06 release.
My only issue to date is that Wine is giving me issues. I think all the dependencies are not being installed.
When I install using synaptic or muon, the only packages it wants to install are:
wine1.4-amd64, wine1.4, & wine1.4-i386.
When I try & install my usual apps through wine I just get error messages.
In Ubuntu installing wine drags in at least 100 dependencies, which is were I think my problem is.
Any help please.

If you are using the 64bit version make sure that multiarch support is installed by installing the package multiarch-support and enabling 32bit apps+libs to be pulled by executing the command (in a terminal)

sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386

After the last step try to reinstall the wine packages.

Thanks for your reply Leszek.
The multiarch-support package is already installed, I ran your command, but still have the same problem.
Wine only pulls in 3 extra packages, when it should require about 100.
Any other suggestions??

After executing the command you need to refresh the packagelist with sudo apt-get update Have you done this ?

Yes, but still only the same 3 packages are marked for installation.:huh:

It seems there are only those 3 packages for wine 1.4. So everything is alright there.

What error messages do you get. Did you experience that problem with wine 1.4 before or did you use another wine version ?

Think I might have resolved this.
It seems that “wine-gecko” for version 1.41 was corrupted somehow.
I uninstalled wine & deleted my .wine folder & started again with version 1.6 rc4.
It seemed to install ok & programs are running at present.
Will post again if this changes.

I’ve marked this issue as solved, as using wine 1.6 rc4 instead of 1.41 seems to have resolved the issue.