Some files open at shutdown do not re-open on startup

Some programs, Open Office and Treeline are the ones I’ve noticed, that were open at shutdown don’t reopen on startup. Firefox, Kmail, Okular, Dolphin, and Kate all come up, but Libre Office and Treeline don’t.

I’m sure that in distro’s I’ve run before, maybe even previous versions of Netrunner, they have come up.

Is there some way of fixing this? If I open one of my Libre Office files that was open at shutdown, they all open, so there is a record, it just needs to be acted on.

This sounds like the document recovery is kicking in and that would mean that LibreOffice was not cleanly closed on shutdown. Maybe it took too long and the session manager killed it.
That would explain why it does not come up after restart.

I used to get a recovery option on startup, now they just come up by themselves if I open one of them. For many years I worked entirely in Kate, and never left WIP in Libre Office open, but over the past year or so I’ve been using Libre Office for WIP, so I can’t be categorical about the past.

I installed the Libre Office Quickstarter, and now my .odt files either load or the recovery dialogue comes up.
Of course this does nothing for Treeline.

I have got my Treeline file to come up via a shell script run by the “startup and shutdown” autostart facility in System Settings. Though it also opens a blank Treeline file as well. Minor inconvenience, but does anyone know how to stop it?

I found the answer myself when I retraced my steps to work out how to change the file name. As well as the script, the “Desktop File” section had an entry in that had “Treeline %f” in it and an “Application” tab with what looked like a botched command line string. I removed the entry and now get the one file opening.