Some GTK apps look weird


It seeks that some of GTK apps (probably GTK3-based) do not react on GTK theme changing via Systemsettings (see screenshot attached for Geary Mail).

Is something broken? How can I fix this?

Also, I’ve realized that GTK open file window in some apps does not match the Oxygen icon theme (see screenshot attached for GIMP).

I have Kubuntu 12.10 as another installation on the same computer, and it has no such issues. For years, I just changed GTK theme and everything worked. Also, I don’t see this issue in Kubuntu 13.04 Beta under VirtualBox. So, probably something is broken.

If it helps, I’ve found that under gnome-control-center -> Appearance, there are no GTK themes in list to select (see screenshot attached). As far as I know, these themes are GTK3 ones, so probably something is broken for GTK3.

Also, please mention that under newly created user in Netrunner I have the same issues, so probably this isn’t connected to some broken configs in my home folder.

Heh, I’ve found that fonts under Firefox also look strange (see another screenshot attached). So will be grateful for any help.


Did you try System Settings - Application Appearance - GTK Configuration?

Of course.

Hmmm, I’ve just discovered that appearance of some GTK apps, such as Firefox becomes to look well after gnome-settings-daemon started.