Some questions on the google-talkplugin

  1. I have installed google-talkplugin 6.0-1 using the pacman CLI. Yet, when I open up the Firefox plugins page, the version shown there is Why is the new version not overwriting the previous one, and how can I get it to? Note: I used Kubuntu previously.

  2. How does one use google-talkplugin? Can it be used in standalone mode as a desktop application or should it only be used on a GMail page as an application? Are there any restrictions on supported Web browsers? Most tutorials I have seen show how to install the package but not how to use it.

  3. I have read that Google Hangouts is now to be preferred over google-talkplugin. Again, some links explaining installation and usage will be most welcome.


Let me check the pkgbuild, it might still be pulling the wrong sources.
Either way this doesn’t matter much as there wasn’t any API changes in the google-talkplugin code base anyway.
The google talk plugin is used in the background for hangouts, at least it used to be.
I’m actually not sure this package is even needed anymore.