Sound modules

I have a fresh install. Every tme I update or login KDE removes my sound module that I need to run my specific hardware. I say no or manage drivers and it removes it anyway. I have an HDA audio chipset on a HP Envy dv6 Notebook. How do I stop this and keep the modules that work with my chipset and update the programs. I had to re-install so my sound card works. It only keeps one driver and it is not the best one. How do I disable this function or keep all the modules available in Audio-KDE Control Module. Modconf is no longer available so that I can manually configure my sound card. It seems to be removing them from the system as the module I need is grayed out and some are not showing up at all. I like Netrunner but if I cannot solve this issue I will go back to straight Debian as at least my sound card is not disabled by a faulty KDE daemon that removes the module. I want to use Pulse Audio and it removes that module as well.

I cannot reproduce this problem so far. But just stay on the kde version you have. Normally a normal upgrade (not dist-upgrade) should not remove anything.
If its a bug in KDE then simply use the version which works and report the error upstream.

Muon package manager is acting off too. If I try to upgrade packages, as I normally do when doing a fresh install, it crashed and completely broke the system. X crashed as it removed the old packages before installing the new ones. So, I re-installed and upgraded those packages with Synaptic. It decided to remove sound modules. I have been using Debian based OS since 2000 and as a newbie to computers. I could barely do email. I built my first computer from a box of spare parts with only needing help for the IDE cable. Then installed Debian on it with no help as my geek friend had to go out of town for 3 months. KDE package system in the version on the disk is buggy for sure. I have removed Netrunner from my laptop and will install it on an external drive and see if I can solve the issue. Please work on the issue on your end. I am sure if I am having the problem others are too, but just not reporting it.

To help you it might be good to give us more details on the problem.
Which packages are removed or are marked for removal if you want to upgrade your system ?