Source List

Now that Stretch has become stable, is there any change we need to do to our sourcelist?

I also have the same question.

You don’t need to change anything.

So, the backports entries have the word “stretch” in them …
Shouldn’t they be “buster” now ?

No that’s ok. The distribution is based on stretch.

That will change with Netrunner 17.06 I presume?

No it will not as far as I know.

All Debian versions are based on Debian Testing, which is ongoing/rolling.
That means it always is unfrozen and automatically targets the next release, which was stretch for 17.03 and now is buster for 17.06.
For any version of Netrunner, therefore to get continouosly updates, just follow this guide and enable backports:

Okay, but one of the repos, when looked in Synaptic, says on the Distribution line “netrunner-1703”. Should that repo be unticked, or should we change that to “netrunner-1706”?

Seriously guys!!


Does that look like it doesn’t need changing?

“stretch-backports” ???

I am sort of thinking that Netrunner rolling release is a trolling release :wink:

I think I’ll just install Netrunner latest in a virtual box and grab the new sources list …

Im on 17.03 So I installed the latest batch of updates and i noticed it upgraded my kernel to 4.11 but my plamsa is still at 5.9.3 . I have followed the instructions to enable the backports repo. So I just need to be patient right and eventually my plasma version will upgrade to 5.10 right ? Im guessing it just takes a few weeks sometimes for the backports to catch up with the current release?

Same thing happened to me, updated some packages but not others and Plasma stayed at 5.9.3, then on a hunch I changed just one line in Synaptic’s repos, the one that has “netrunner-1703” on the Distribution field, I changed that to “netrunner-1706” and WHAM!! lots of updated packages, and now my Plasma is the newest 5.10.0, so I really think they should advise people to change the sourcelist

The official way is using backports. Though it will take some time to test this so it upgrades just fine.

I am using 17.01 and next is to have 17.03. In Synaptic’s repos should I change Distribution “netrunner-1701” to 1703. Anything else?

No matter what version to start with, just enabling backports will suffice.

To have an upgraded stable base (core) I changed the lines in /etc/apt/sources.list

deb stretch main contrib non-free
deb stretch/updates main contrib non-free
#deb testing main contrib non-free
#deb experimental main

And I enabled the stretch-backports (some weeks ago didn’t work, but does now).

New updates should be now available in the backports repositories of Netrunner.