sources.list: no entries


i installed netrunner 17.06 some months ago and i wondered why it never dated up “correctly” since the only updates apt-get did were for skype and another proprietary programm.

So when i have a look at the sources.list via apt edit-sources the only two entries are

# deb-src stretch partner
# deb-src stretch partner

so i wonder if there is something wrong going with that list and wich entries i should add to make that working proper again :blush:

thank you!

Sourceslists are stored nowadays in the folder /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ as separate files.

By default you won’t get any updates. If you want to have rolling updates with the potential of breaking things you need to follow this guide:

non-rolling updates break things, too.
old software breaks, too.

no problem with rolling.