Splash Screen

Hello again

I have just installed 16 again. And wondering why after the updates I have done the nice Splash screen (ozymandias) when you boot up has gone :frowning: and you have a boring KDE one I think.

How do I get the ozymandias one back


p.s When will you update the Netrunner 16 ISO ??

1-2 weeks before release…

Did you check the splash settings in systemsettings (just search for splash there)?

All I have under Splash is NONE and BREEZE.

So the ISO is not updated like every 3 months etc

No, the Standard Editions are based on Kubuntu and follow their release cycle with a ~8-12 week difference, only the Rolling Edition is currently released approx. every 2 to 3 months and is based on Manjaro.


Make sure the netrunner-artwork package is installed and not accidently deleted.

That worked !!! Thank you so much. I now know why it went, I uninstalled FireFox at the start and it has the netrunner-artwork linked to it when you remove it.