Start my "grub-life" over and reinstall Netrunner

I have re-partitioned my drives (I have 2 internal drives) and installed Netrunner. However, I once installed Ubuntu 12 on my machine, made it dual-boot. I made modifications to grub, but they were complicated and I no longer remember which grub steps I took.

I checked askubuntu and ubuntuforums, but I can’t figure out which questions might apply to my situation - I am mostly finding questions regarding: deleting GRUB and reinstalling the Windows MBR system.

I would like to remove all traces to Windows and all previous linux installations. I would like to clear my GRUB menu and customizations and install Netrunner as my sole OS.

From what I am reading, it seems I run a risk of making my system un-bootable. I have backed up all files and am not concerned about data loss. I am a linux learner, and have decided to make the plunge into Linux only OS - and I want to obliterate any trace of previous OS choice or any leftover kernel issues.

Please advise. Thank you.
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When installing netrunner standard (ubuntu based) you can choose to erase the whole harddrive and only install netrunner. This will install grub2 and wipe a previous version.

That’s what I thought too! I feel like I’m taking crazy pills… But that was not the result. (My second HD was once a primary Ubuntu 12 drive on a different machine, if that makes any difference)

I’ve tried a clean-install 3 times. The second time, I went through and manually reconfigured the partitions using the Netrunner 13.12 boot/install DVD leaving nothing unscathed and setup the 2nd HD as /home. The third time, I used the guided partition feature and chose an encrypted LVM (thinking that it might make the MBR on the second drive unreadable (this was my best blind-guess).

I’m left with a grub boot menu showing that Ubuntu 12LTS still exists, but I’m sure the volume is eradicated.

Is there some kind of Linux MBR that I can’t touch from within the Netrunner installation disc? I am self-taught on Linux learning through tinkering, so I apologize if there is some relevant aspect that I’m not conveying.

The only other thing I can think of is that I’ve physically installed the 2nd HD improperly, and that I should do a fresh-install (as you suggested) but with only one HD plugged in? My BIOS does have RAID options, but RAID is turned off. Reinstall with only 1 HD is what I will try tonight, unless you would like me to try something else first.

Normally on Grub install it wipes the mbr aswell. If you still get the old grub you might want to make an advanced install and choose where grub is installed. Also make sure that the BIOS is in fact trying to bolt from the right harddrive.

OK:idea: - I think this is the step that I missed. I bet during install, it left MBR intact on drive #2 - reinstalled GRUB on drive #1, but BIOS boots drive #2 priority.

I will confirm the whether this worked sometime this weekend.


Problem was caused by BIOS SATA1 controller settings. Even though I had disabled the RAID within its own configuration utility, SATA1 controller needed to be changed from RAID -> AHCI. After reinstall, the GRUB boot menu list disappeared and Netrunner was able to own the entire volume of both drives for LVM. (Boot order was correct, somehow)

However, I thought that this would also correct the problem of no sound via HDMI. Alas, that looks like a separate fix requiring proprietary driver (from what I’m reading). Thank you @Leszek I would have never thought to look at BIOS settings.