What should the startup scripts read in startup and shutdown in Control Panel ?

I’m not quite sure what you are asking, could you please rephrase the question?

In Startup and Sutdown in control panel, there are two (2) script files enabled in ( startup and pre-startup ) of KDE, what should they read

Are you sure those are under Script Files and not Desktop files?
On all my systems under Desktop Files there are three enabled at startup:

Preloading - /usr/share/netrunner-default-settings/
Command Runner - krunner
Plasma Desktop Workspace - plasma-desktop

it also lists plasma-netbook but this is not enabled, I hope this helps.

My two script files read gnome settings and gtk2 engine, as in old install,

Yesterday I installed and had what you stated, what went wrong, any Ideas ?

The gnome settings and gtk2 engine scripts we’re only used for compatibility sake on older versions of Netrunner, they are no longer required in more recent installations.

But I don’t have the new settings, should I re-install or attempt to add the settings ?

If you installed your system with the latest ISO (Netrunner 14, I’m assuming this since you posted in the Netrunner 14 part of the forum) then those two scripts are not needed or required anymore, at all, period.

Which two (2) scripts aren’t required or in other words do I need the ’ NEW ’ scripts as you noted ( Krunner and Plasma)

What is there already is all that is needed, leave it alone.