Status of muon package manager

Hi Netrunner,

What is the status of muon package manager in Prometheus? I remeber it was not available anymore in Frontier with KDE update, but now it’s still uninstallable due to dependence error (newer version of libmuonprivate2, but older needed). Will it be available in Prometheus? Besides it’s avilable in Kubuntu 14.10 plasma 5 preview.


It should be available now. We had some outdated packages in our repo. I removed them so it should be no problem now :slight_smile:
Just update your package list with synaptic or via terminal with sudo apt-get update

Great, now it can be installed. I was need to remove libuomprivate2 and muon-common, then re-install muon, muon-discover, muon-updater and muon-notifier, but now it’s succeffully running on my system, thanks.
It’s solved now

Great! I did what was suggested by svyatoslav-vorona and managed to install Muon Package Manager. Thank you all for the help.