Stealth Edition Comments/Ideas

First off I like this version. I would like to see this become the main variant. I would also like to see the stealth features intigrated into Chromium my prefered browser. After the next upgrade I would like us to settle down some and have a web based upgrade path that works. I would also like to see some attention payed to the boot processe in the next upgade paying attention to the video selection. I have a HP Pavilion g7 it has a current Radeon video chip. All the current distributions (Solydk, PclinuxOS, Sabayon, Manjaro KDE) will only boot in Frame Buffer mode. They seem to install the correct Radeon drivers they are broken and when trying to fix results in a broken system. Only the Kubuntu variants boot and install correctly So if you move to the latest driver please pay attenton to the boot processe to insure proper vedio driver loading. Thanks for producing a very fine distrobution.

Lo único que espero es que para las próximas versiones de Netrunner no tenga que instalar de ceros (aunque muchas veces es lo que mejor funciona).
SI se lograra hacerla tipo “Rolling Release” sería lo mejor.:smiley: