Steam and flash player not working


I just installed Steam from its official page ( but I can’t understand why when I want to see a video preview of a game (through flash plugin) a message says that flash is not installed on my system.

I have Netrunner 12.12.1 (64 bit) updated and when I use firefox flash works well.
I’m wondering why Steam can’t see Netrunner flash player. Did you experienced this problem too?

Perhaps it is a problem related to 32/64bit flash player? :s

Thanks for the info you can provide…
Regards /Saverio

I had the same problem. You must download the 32-bit flash plugin (tar.gz) and extract it. After that you change in the directory where the is. Fire ‘file’. After that copy the file into the directory of the mozilla plugins ( /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins). Overwrite if needed. Thats it: restart Steam and enjoy…
Thats all because Steam is a 32-Bit app.
Hope that helps…

Thanks a lot sAINT, it worked! :slight_smile: