Steam Not Working

I just reinstalled the best version of linux and the default steam install built in keeps crashing on start up. Wat do?

Sorry, but more information is required, what is your system specs, and are you using free or proprietary drivers, etc. It would also help if you could launch steam from the command line and post the output when it crashes.

You might laugh. I wouldn’t be surprised.

Pentium 4 / Core 2 Duo HT 3.06 GHZ
2 GB Ram
Winfast PX7900 GTO
330 Watt Out PSU
900 GB HDD Space
1.25 GB SWAP

Steam updates after login, verifies, logs in, and crashes. Getting the output doesn’t really do much it just ends.
I tried starting in the CL and now it gives me the error “Couldn’t set up steam dara - please contact technical support”

Try this:

mv ~/.steam/steam/* ~/.local/share/Steam/ rmdir ~/.steam/steam ln -s ../.local/share/Steam ~/.steam/steam rm -rf ~/.steam/bin

It still gives me the same error. Oh well I’ll just run it in wine

Try googling “ubuntu steam crashes”: