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still experimenting


“Horizon” inspired me to gimp this wallpaper… Wooden board is gis-weather, no widget but a frameless window (therefore it vanishes on minimizing all windows…), icons are Flamini.

Strange is that space in the systemtray… it doesn’t seem to be capable of showing more than three icons in two row mode…


looks very nice. can you share the wp. thanx :slight_smile:


Thanks :slight_smile:

Here you are:


Thanx :slight_smile:


Looks cool! The only thing that I would change - weather widget. it looks too modern for old-style wooden board behind it. Except for that - looks gorgeous. :slight_smile:


Switched to a more realistic “horizon” background I found on some wallpaper site and which has about the same color style. Kept arrangement but went back to gis-weather without wooden background. Desktop style is now “Simple Glass”. Got rid of the quicklaunch widgets for office and filemanagement because they consume too much space with that side arrow, instead added popup launcher from and places widget. Made and added a Netrunner folder and wide menu button to give it some distribution identity :wink: (quick’n’dirty website as I cannot upload svg here) - in case someone wants to use the icons…