Strange puzzle screen

Hi Everyone,

Every time I want to boot Netrunner 13.06 I get this screen:
Which is my Win7 desktop in puzzle mode.:slight_smile:
All other distros works fine. Example: Kubuntu, Korora, Voyager, SolydK, OpenSUSE etc… Even the Netrunner 12.12 works fine. What’s wrong?

I’ve just tried the Netrunner 13.12 work like a charm. Only the 13.06 buggy.

I guess the graphics driver does not love your graphicscard.

If I logout with Alt+Ctrl+Backspace (because that’s the only thing I can do) how can I login when it asks for password?
What is the default password?

on the live system you mean? There I would go to atty (ctrl+alt+f1) and restart lightdm with sudo service lightdm restart