Stuck in 1024 resolution

Hi, this is my very first post, i’m new here and also new in the linux world. I’ve installed the netrunner KDE in dual boot with my windows 10 an it works fine, but in the netrunner the only resolution possible is 1024x… Can someone help me?

PS: Sorry for the poor english

Can you tell us what hardware you have. Especially which graphics chip?
Intel? HD4000? HD5000?

You can get the detailed information with kinfocenter or by clicking on the My Computer icon on the desktop.
Of course it is also possible with the commandline and inxi application installed. The command would be

inxi -v4

I have an NVIDIA Geforce GTX 1050 Ti

This might be not supported correctly by the included free nouveau driver. It might good to try installing the proprietary driver using the additional driver utility in systemsettings

Right now i’m at work, when i arrive home i’ll try that. Thanks!

I was reading other topics in the forum and looks like i don’t have the kubuntu-driver-manager in my system settings, can you tell me how install it manually?

Just try installing the nvidia-driver package. There is no kubuntu-driver-manager available for Netrunner based on Debian.
(my mistake)

Installed the package and make the update, now it’s all working! Thank you!