Suggestions on what to do about Netrunner upgrades?

Yep after update broke my wireless couldn’t connect.
Strange update went to terminal and said Y to all replacements.
So finally finishes update then the re-boot.

Boot up SDDM flicker on my right monitor then hear the music. LogOn screen hangs for another 10 seconds after the music stops then the desktop appears. Then no wifi click on nm-applet SSID is listed but not auto-connecting. So click on Connect then Nada doesn’t click or connect. just hangs never had the issue before and can’t connect wifi. So boot to my Win7 side and get a driver not found error.

Go ahead on click on wifi and select my AP and click connect. Ask for my password and all is fine. Reboot back into Win 7 and wifi operating normally. So linux side is doing something weird to my actual wifi card.

Boot back into Netrunner Plasma 5 rolling same hang at Logon screen music then desktop 10 seconds later and no Wifi. Try to connect same issue no connect no wifi. So boot back into Win 7 side and you guess it. Got that window error again and have to manually connect and re-enter my password again. Connect and all is fine. Re-boot & Re-boot and wifi normal auto-connects and works fine. Boot into Netrunner and is still broken after 5 boots. So stuck in Win 7 until issue is resolved.

Now have 570 updates to due as restored partitions from July 1st as forgot to backup partition before the upgrade. How do I pin or make sure not to upgrade the network manager stack? How to keep a working wifi after upgrade? Don’t know if it also attributed to the splash screen 10second delay hang to desktop? Or is that a systemd thing?

Is their a tutorial on how to implement selective apps or packages to not upgrade?

Any insights or help resolving as my July 1st desktop is working wonderfully except for the Octopus Red with 570 packages to upgrade and going to be 1.2Gb worth of upgrades not looking forward to.

Update from the command line and you should be fine. There was some issues with network manager that was fixed in the last update.

To hold back a package or packages from updating you would simply add them to the following section of your /etc/pacman.conf file.

# Pacman won't upgrade packages listed in IgnorePkg and members of IgnoreGroup
#IgnorePkg   =
#IgnoreGroup =

Well there was an update like on 9-13 which broke my desktop.
Then restored partition and did the upgrade after the 9-20 update and was still broken.

But will try sudo pacman -Syu way later tonight or tomorrow and see if that works tho have my doubts.

Yes, Network Manager has been having issues with wlan as of late.

The fixes I was referring to actually came in the 9-13 update not the 9-20, my apologies:

Please, report your issue in that thread so that all of the Manjaro team will know about it.

Sorry but update failed tried doing sudo pacman -Syu

And answered yes to all prompts. Then it upgraded.

  1. After updated could not right-click and select leave. Just hung there. Had Ctrl-Alt-backspace to get to logon screen and rebooted thru there.
  2. After rebooting same issue hangs logon splash screen progress bar gets to 80% or so hangs a few seconds. Music comes on and another 5-7 seconds before desktop appears.
  3. Wifi points show but no connections. Or ability to connect. Clicking on connect button for my connection nada no clicking action dead.

  1. Tray re-fills with tray items I previously had hidden or disabled. Like Recent Devices,Klipboard,Messenger.
    I disabled all those and they came back.
  2. Dolphin didn’t retain auto-mounted partitions or usb devices. Had to manually mount them.

Guess something beyond my understanding. As didn’t fiddle with system beyond fixes given here. Using older legacy AMD dual core processors and legacy ati 4350 using default open drivers. Nothing new or fancy. And haven’t read any big breakage specific to my issues over on manjaro forums.

So now at a loss and considering moving to another distro. As don’t have the time to spend hours into days fixing issues that keep coming back after every third update or so. Last two updates before the september updates went smoothly before the sept mucked it all up. Even restoring from July backup updates to same issues. Wifi? systemd? kernel? don’t know what the issue are? And dual booting with Win7 saved me or couldn’t even post here with my issues without it.