Super Key fails in Shortcut combo

If I try and allocate the Super (Windows) key as part of a shortcut, it seems it doesn’t work. For example CTRL-SUPER-L shows as CTRL-META-L but it doesn’t launch the appropriate application. If I make it simply META-L it works. On another machine which is Linux Mint Kubuntu it works OK. Searching around I notice something called ksuperkey which I wonder is part of Netrunner’s build? I would like to be able to use the Super key as part of my shortcuts as CTRL-ALT is often assigned to other things. Anyone ideas?

Yeah exactly ksuperkey is catching the super key to open up the homerun-kicker menu (startmenu). What you could do is close that programm and remove it from the autostart. (If it does not show up in systemsettings you can find it in /etc/xdg/autostart and can remove it from there with root rights)
If it is closed it should make your superkey work as expected again for hotkeys

Interesting. I haven’t done all the research yet (is on my list of things to do!), but according to several places, the ksuperkey still should make the superkey be available for other shortcuts:

[quote]"…it will still act as a modifier key, allowing you to use it for other keyboard shortcuts."
“…application that lets you open the application launcher by pressing the left Super key, while still allowing the Super key to act as a modifier key”[/quote]



Yes, it looks as if you are right.
Here is an excerpt from the github file:

So basically a short press will open the menu, but when you hold it down you can use it as a modifier.