:huh: I just migrated from Mint to Netrunner 2014.04. I’ve managed to get it set up with all that I need except SAMBA. I am use to using SWAT to configure SAMBA. I’m stuck. Can’t access WEBMIN, localhost:10000 is no where to be found. I’m not comfortable, or should I say I am too lazy :stuck_out_tongue: to manually edit smb.conf. Nothing shows up in smb4k so I am assuming something is wrong. I needs SWAT :@ I guess apt is going away and is being replaced by javac?
A nice SAMBA tutorial for netrunner 2014.04 would be nice. My SAMBA instructions don’t work .

Netrunner 2014.04 is based off of Manjaro not Ubuntu so no apt, Netrunner 2014.04 uses pacman and yaourt. Swat has been removed from samba since version 4.1.0.

Thanks. Until I can learn Manjaro I have gone to Enigma. All is well now. SAMBA works as does SWAT. Up and running. Off to learn Manjaro.

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I am not a quitter. A wiseman once said, “Don’t get use to the tools because you will forget how to do things by hand”. I finally got SAMBA working for me in 2014.04 without the tools I’m use to (SWAT and SAMBA-System-CONFIG) in DEBIAN.

Great, I’m glad you got it working.

You asked “A nice SAMBA tutorial for netrunner 2014.04 would be nice.”

Could you write a small one up for us, I don’t personally use Samba.

I’ll have to work at it once I get it fully going. I have to use it because tha other machines in my network run WINDOWS. There is only one really and it’s just in the next room. Sharing stuff using disks works, but that’s old school. :))))

system-config-samba is in the aur:

sudo pacman -S system-config-samba

I don’t know how well it works if at all but maybe.

Hi AJ:

I now have Netrunner Rolling (Arch/Manjaro) running and networked using SAMBA on an AMD-64 Desktop and a 64-bit Dell Laptop. I wrote up a procedure with pictures using LibreOffice Writer but the Forum does not allow attaching that format. Why? I would like to share it here.

I gave up on installing MS-Office 2010 because of issues with PlayOnLinux version 4.2.2. LibreOffice Writer seems to have the formula inserting capability I need.

I also installed Dropbox from AUR to share files with cells and pads when on the road.

You could try converting that to a pdf file and then try attaching it here.

Thanks, I will see about having your info added to the Manjaro Wiki.

This is probably a bad idea :smiley: , but you can add my email address to it if anyone has questions.


I have become so accustomed to automatic stuff that I forgot how to do manual stuff and I am now re-learning. I quite enjoy it. Keeps me from being bored :stuck_out_tongue:

OK then, maybe i’ll just pass it on so that the system can be fixed for new users.

My response may have been understood. I meant add my email to the procedure i shared if you add the procedure to the Wiki.

Yea, I understood, and the wiki may or may not be the best place for this but that would not be up to me. :slight_smile: