switching to netrunner

Hello All,

I want to switch from solydk distro to netrunner,
is this possible if I just change sources.list , since they are both debian based?

if not , what would be the best way to go about without a total fresh install?


The best would be if you have a seperate /home partition. You could just install netrunner and try reusing the /home partition.
Though that means eventually reinstalling all the applications that don’t come with Netrunner and that you need.

I have seperate home,var and usr partition but I would rather not reinstall and loose all my applications and settings.
I thought that when solydk was based on debian stable and netrunner on testing, i would just point sources.list to testing and netrunner.

You could try this though it is not recommend and package conflicts and other issues might occur. Be aware of this before trying and create a backup maybe (or btrfs snapshot if you use this to be able to boot a usable system at anytime)
To do this you need the debian testing repo enabled.

deb https://deb.debian.org/debian/ testing main non-free contrib

And add the netrunner backports repo which should give you newest plasma, kf5 and kde applications

deb http://deb.netrunner.com/dci/packages/netrunner netrunner-backports backports calamares ds9-artwork ds9-common extras frameworks kde-applications netrunner-desktop netrunner plasma plasmazilla qt5

The above line is only one :slight_smile:

Hope it works for you. Good luck

@ leszek,

thanks for the tip , but could you maybe post your sources.list and the preferences file from /etc/apt ?
then i would be more confident to try :slight_smile:

You mean the default ones for Netrunner. You can find them here: https://github.com/netrunner-desktop/live-build/tree/Debian/jessie/customization/archives

one more question; if I want to install latest netrunner based on debian testing,
what files from the above link should I put in /etc/apt/sources.list and what files under /etc/apt/sources.list.d dir?

If you ask this question I fear you should not do that.

I already work with linux for more than 20 years , but I asked because I saw a debian-testing.list file in the link, and I thought the debian-testing line should be in the sources.list file.

souces.list is the old way and sources.list.d the new way to handle repositories.

Made the switch, used the files from netrunner in /etc/apt/ , removed every package solydxk related,
apt-get update , apt-get upgrade, then installed all netrunner related packages and did a apt-get dist-upgrade.
very quick and clean transision, running fine now as netrunner system. :slight_smile: