Syncing between machines


How do I sync between machines?

The background : Sometimes I get my computers burnt - i don’t know why - but it may lie on the fact that I am using heavy duty climate simulation tools on laptop - even if I have i7 quad core, and external coolers. Either way …

There are two parts of this problem.

Synching data

I put most of my data on external drives anyway, so thats simpler.

Synching softwares

This is where if gets interesting - how do I synch installed softwares between different machines? Ubuntu software center can keep an online account which tracks your software accross machines. How do I do that with pacman? Please note that Aura PKGBUILD in AUR is broken ATM.

Please help.

If your experienced enough. you could try using synctool:

I’ll also keep looking for a more end user friendly solution as well.