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System Freeze

Trying to troubleshoot what I suspect is faulty hardware that causes my system to freeze every day or two.
I’ve run tests on the RAM and HDD and seemingly have ruled those out. It seems as though it would happen when watching video through a browser or player, but swapping out the vidcard hasnt helped with the problem. I am wondering if it is possibly related to something on the MoBo.

It just happened again 15 minutes ago - can someone give me some insights please on what to look for in the Logs to help pinpoint what might be causing this?

I have KSystemLog open and dont really know what to look for in here.

Thanks for any advice.

Just attach the systemlog so we can see whats going on.
Just in case did you also checked the temperature of the mainboard / cpu / gpu ?

Thanks - it just happened 10 minutes ago.
Was rapidly scrolling down a webpage with mousewheel and system froze.

[]ctrl-alt-f1 wouldnt work
]ctrl-alt-backspace wouldnt reboot window mgr
[*]capslock and numlock wouldnt function

This one seemed like a full blown system freeze - only a hard reset restored me.

Have tested and been monitoring temperatures for last 2 days and not once have they gone outside the norm that I can see.

Seems to be something else entirely.
Really hoping you can direct me towards what to look for in the logs, its something I have never really done before but I am a fast learner.

Thanks in advance for any insights - LOG attached from recent crash.



I’ve been having the same issue so don’t think it’s a hardware problem. It seems to happen after heavy use of video or audio streaming in the browser, whether Firefox, Chromium or Chrome.