System Language

Hello and thank you for such a great release. Really loving the new Plasma desktop. Only issue is system language. I selected American English at install and Portuguese (Brazil) keyboard layout because I live in Brazil and do not have an English layout keyboard. Unfortunately the system date and Superkaramba themes insist on using the Portuguese language even though it is not shown as being installed? All other applications are displaying in English. Any help to get English system wide would be appreciated.

Hi BigFoot, did you see the extra entry for Languages in the Menu -> Settings (not System Settings)?
Then there is the Plasma5 language settings module under System Settings - Account.
Please check both and see what they have set as default.

In the menu under settings you find a language tool that should allow you to set everything to English. If plasma isn’t in English you could also try the translations under systemsettings

Under Settings - Country/Region & Language there is only American English showing in the Preferred Languages.
Under Settings - System Settings - Account Details - Translations, there was nothing displayed so I added American English but it made no difference. I then discovered “Formats” in the same menu window and here is where I was able to make the changes.