System Settings is missing a lot of it's plugins/modules

I did a recent install with the newest ISO. I have many modules simply missing altogether. I have a desktop with Linux also so can compare the two in terms of UI. Many icons are missing from the System Settings. When I click on some I get error messages.

I get messages like:

Could not find plugin ‘GTK’ for applicatioon 'systemsettings’Library “kcm_cgc” not found.

Nothing shows up in 'Login Screen (SDDM) and it has a yellow yield sign on the icon. Also borked are webaccounts, accounts, and general settings for Instant Messaging and VOIP. KWallet I was able to reinstall.

Any help would be appreciated!

These are known issues with the current state of KDE SC 4, many of these plugins have moved from kcmshell4 to kcmshell5.

For the GTK module: kde-gtk-config

The SDDM configuration KCM plugin is no longer available or compatible with KDE SC 4 as it has been depreciated and replaced with the KF5 branch version.

Telepathy is also now a KF5 based application as well and what used to be called webaccounts is now integrated into KF5 and kde-telepathy called kaccounts: kaccounts-integration, kaccounts-providers, telepathy-kde-accounts-kcm, libaccounts-qt4/qt5 (depending on KDE SC 4 or Plasma 5) and libaccounts-glib.

For anything else you’ll need to look for the right application to install as the KCM modules are now bundled with there parent applications.

Keep in mind that there are a couple of these kcm .desktop files included with the Netrunner Rolling ISO that are Ubuntu specific and have no parent application on the Manjaro base.