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System Settings - User Manager broken in new install

After a new installation of Netrunner Rolling Release the User Manager does not work.

Steps to reproduce:
In the Start menu search for “user”
Click on User Manager

Expected result:
User Manager launches and is functional

Actual results:
Error appears “The shared library was not found” (see screenshot)

Suggested resolution:
Provided all needed dependencies for User Manager if it is packaged with the release

maybe reinstalling certain packages might work - use pkgBrowser to investigate those

sudo pacman -S user-manager

PS. Please do not remove orphaned packages, this can sometimes have unintentionally bad effects.

was reported already in this forum: see [SOLVED] :angel:

Thank you for the reply. I’m reporting this as a bug so it can get fixed in the distro, even if I’m able to resolve it on my machine. I looked but I didn’t find the bug reporting site. I’m able to do user management with “User Accounts”.

How can this be reported as a bug in Netrunner if this is not the right place?

seems OK to me :rolleyes:

We do not ship or support the upstream Plasma user-manager. This is why the user-manager package is not installed, and it’s KCM has been diverted (hidden) by default under Other. We do however ship and support the User Accounts utility from Manjaro Settings Manager. The User Accounts utility is integrated right into the Plasma System Settings, and is the first item you’ll find under the System section. This utility is more advanced than the upstream User Manager utility, and even allows for changing account types per user, as well as individually setting the groups associated with each user account for a more customized user account type.