System settings

Hi folks,

I’ve been suing Netrunner for 2 days now and I love checking everything and compare everything to other distros. :slight_smile:

I know there is two system settings app, one from Manjaro and one from KDE. Will it be eventually merged to be one system settings?

I also noticed that there is no GUI to change the user’s group or add an existing user to a secondary group.

I do live the clean up in the System settings though, it looks clean and refreshing :slight_smile:

Maybe it would be good to include clamav and a gui firewall to the system settings(?)

Most linux users use shell I know, but I think it’s awesome when a distro offer you a GUI for stuff like that.

What do you think?

No The Manjaro Settings Manager will not be merged as Manjaro’s official Main DE is XFCE and KDE is their secondary DE. Netrunner Rolling is designed for moderate to advanced users who know how to set things up for themselves for the most part. If you want a firewall that integrates Into the Plasma 4.11 shell there is kcm-ufw available in the AUR. As far as antivirus software being pre-installed, this is a Linux system and most Linux users would find this to be offensive and not necessary. But if you wan’t one by all means there is everything from clamav and fprot to AVAST and Comodo available in the AUR:

Thanks for your fast reply, I wasn’t referring to the fact that I don’t know how to do it (although it’S good to see it here for future users looking for that). It just that a distro that include such things by default (even if it’s disabled/not installed) just add a nice touch. I’m sorry if this isn’t the goal of netrunner. It would just feel much cleaner (than it is already, because honestly you did a great job with this!)

I wasn’t aware of the existance of kcm-ufw , I’ll take a look later today.

Is it okay to suggests thigs like this thread even if you tell me no, or should I just stop suggesting stuff? I don’T want to be some sort of spammer or another annoying user.

Making suggestion’s like these are fine, keep them coming, they are definitely appreciated.

I do apologize for being so blunt before.

and yes while someone coming from the windows world might feel more comfortable with antivirus software being pre-installed Linux users would be put off by it. Besides, not even Windows come with antivirus software on the disk, that’s usually pre-installed by the OEM and/or purchased by the end user anyway.

I agree that kcm-ufw pre-installed would be a nice touch though.

The first part would be up to the Manjaro developers, but like I said their official main desktop environment is XFCE.

AJSlye, no need for apologies. :slight_smile:

I do understand your point about the integrated antivirus and you are right.

But Netrunner is Manjaro with KDE so you cannot add/remove features except if Manjaro do it. Am I correct?
I’m a bit confused (and we changed topic too I’m sorry).

Manjaro Settings Manager is written by Manjaro and it is opensource so technically no, that would not be correct.

Blue Systems (Netrunner) is more than welcome to contribute code upstream as they already have with Firefox-KDE in the Manjaro repositories and other code like webaccounts and homerun kicker which have already been integrated into Plasma 5.

However, someone would need to be willing to do the work, and with Plasma 5 on the horizon why do something that will need to be rewritten in a couple of months if not days.