System sounds KDE do not work


Do not play the sound when starts the Netrunner 18.03 Idolon.

How enable system sound KDE: ‘KDE-Sys-Log-In-Long.ogg’, ‘KDE-Sys-Log-In-Long.ogg’, ‘KDE-Sys-Log-Out.ogg’ ?

Have you checked the test button for those login sounds? Do they work?

I understood why the sound did not work.

I wrote the full path to the directory and file: [color=#ff3333]/usr/share/sounds/Oxygen-Sys-Log-In-Long.ogg[/color]
Sound works only if you specify the file name without directory: [color=#ff3333][color=#336633]Oxygen-Sys-Log-In-Long.ogg[/color][/color] .

Ah ok. Interesting to know. I guess it automatically takes the path you are currently in.