Systemback for system restore

I would like to have a default system restore program like “Systemback” in the next netrunner version. I don’t like doing backups every month, because it takes long time to copy every data.
I read an article about Systemback and it’s like the system restore function everyone knows from microsoft windows.

Yesterday, I wished I had a restore software on my netrunner os (v.17), because after installing fglrx (I know, it was wrong and my own mistake. fglrx doesn’t support my graphics card (AMD integrated GPU X1200)), my display driver crashed and even after removing fgrlx and reinstalling xserver-xorg packages as described here, my system isn’t as before (wrong resolution, fatal errors when trying to create xorg.conf, modeset=0 or nomodeset doesn’t help…).

I don’t wanna discuss the problem here. Just wish a system restore software (no backup software) to get back old system configuration when I made something wrong. I know, I can install systemback manually, but I think it’s not worse to have it preinstalled and adjusted to the netrunner environment.

Just a wish :wink:

Alternatively I would suggest using btrfs with subvolumes/snapshots. This needs to be incorporated into apt-get somehow to automatically create snapshots when big system updates happen allowing you to boot to a previous snapshot when necessary.
Until today you need to do this manually. Maybe we can work something out for the future.