task bar

I’m having a problem with the panel , the pager (it is the only one that is doing it) when i start up netrunner the pager is half off the taskbar, the only way i can fix it is to remove it and put it back, I have to do this every time, it is rather annoying, but it is the only problem I am experiencing at the moment… any ideas?

What Netrunner version is that?

Try another theme.
Had the same problem, think i set my pc to the Oxygen theme.

Which theme then is causing the trouble?
We can likely fix that if we know the theme name.

It was the default theme but this was few months back so I don’t remember what it was.

Starbuck it is NRNaked I have been having this problem since i installed it , but it’s just the pager that does it and it is version 12.12 , thanks in advance for any help… havent thought of changing the theme I figured it would do it on all of them also what is the default setting for the Panel,(visibility) i.e smart hide , some how the setting was changed and now it’s beginning to exceed the limits of my medication…


Can you send a screenshot, we can eventually fix it for 13.06…

hope this works

Is this ok, do you need a better one??

Just to add my thanks - and note.

I’ve been having the same problem with the default theme on a desktop with 12.12 (32-bit). I tested with the plasma7 theme and the pager now is placed correctly after reboot.
The pager crashed kde if I tried to install it on a hp notebook using 13.06 64-bit with default theme. Again, all works under plasma7.
An Acer notebook uses 13.06 64-bit and the pager works fine with the default theme. The Acer uses Intel graphics while the desktop and hp notebook use amd. No idea if that’s a connection but thought I’d mention it.