Taskbar Thumbnails not working

“Taskbar Thumbnails” effect not working.
All other effects seem to work but this one, Please consider fixing that.

Thank you

Ok I’ve searched around google, and have found no answer.
So normally on windows 7 if you hover over one of your icons on you taskbar like itunes or google chrome without actually clicking it you’ll get a small preview of it and if you move your mouse up to that preview it’ll make it as large as the window normally would be.

I found some relevant information towards the bottom of this post:


about why the taskbar thumbnails do not show.

They also talk about how kwin is ready to show the thumbnail image but the taskbar does not draw the rectangle placeholder to put it in.

I am unsure how to follow their direction on the changes to be made on that forum.

You could try switch out the taskmanager we use by default in Netrunner with either the Plasma default or icon tasks and see if thubnailing works for them.

Icon task actually shows thumbnails, but the other 2 taskmanagers still don’t even after upgrading to 13.12.