Telepathy-kde-signon not showing installed libpurple plugins

As the title says, I’ve installed both purple-facebook and purple-skypeweb and they work fine in pidgin but there is no entry for them when I try to configure internet accounts in ktelepathy. Office 365/Lync via libpurple is there so I assume telepathy-haze is working fine.

May I ask where did you get purple-facebook and purple-skypeweb from? The only thing I could find available in the official repositories is purple-plugin-pack. If you installed these from the AUR, or by any other means, then we can not provide you with any support for them. With that said, telepathy uses it’s own plugins to connect to services like yahoo and google hangouts, etc., someone would to need to write a facebook and a skpeweb plugins for telepathy.

AUR naturally. It would seem to me that support for facebook and skype would be a reasonably positive goal and because of telepathy-haze this does not need to be re-written for Telepathy. However for some reason it seems not to be working for those 2 plugins

Yes, but I don’t think facebook has been added back in since they broke the API some time ago.

As far as skype this would require Call support (camera and voice) which is still being worked on and not officially released as part of telepathy yet.
telepathy-kde-call-ui-git -

Also, currently only google chat is supported, google hangouts uses a different API so a special plugin is needed: telepathy-hanging-git -

Rest assured everything will eventually get added and/or fixed.

Both Facebook and Skype work on Pidgin which means by the magic of telepathy-haze they should also work on KDE Telepathy. However there is no entry for them in the internet accounts configuration (while there is a entry for Lync via libpurple which hints to me that telepathy-haze is working). Of interest is if this is working as designed; that is that the entries in that list are not dynamically populated or if this works for other people and it’s something unique to my setup that I can’t create accounts for these working plugins.

It occurs to me that the account configuration list may be dynamically populated but if failing to check for telepathy-haze compatible plugins?

To answer my own question:

That was the other thing, this is not automatically populated but needs a configuration module added to telepathy-kde-accounts-kcm. This would be fine for Facebook but since skype is a VIOP client, the call ui would probably need to be finished first.

The Skype plugin is chat only, it spoofs their webUI functionality to work, which i guess is neither here nor there. Pidgin is fine but i miss the integration and fine grained control of notifications that Telepathy gave me

Yes, and in the meantime keep an eye on telepathy, as with all things, it’s usually only a matter of time.