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The base of the new release


Dear Developer Team,

I have some questions and ideas, hereby I present them to you.

  1. Maui Linux has adopted Plasma 5.9. Will Netrunner follow this step, or will it still be based on the LTS version? I would personally prefer the latter option.

  2. I don’t really get the point in using a Snapshot as a base. There are no security updates. (To be precise, no updates at all…) Now Stretch has entered Full Freeze. What will happen after the official release? Will Netrunner be based on Debian Stable once again?

  3. Have you ever considered adding the deb-multimedia repository?

  4. What is the reason behind using 10 distinct repositories? It would be more transparent if you’d merge them into a single URI with more sections or components.

Thank you for your answers and keep up the good work. Netrunner rocks, by the way. :wink: