The Dredded Powerdevil !!

Hello everyone. I recently upgraded my system from Netrunner 15 to Netrunner 16. For the most part the upgrade was a success and i was very proud of my newly installed Linux OS. Then i noticed that my monitor would go dark after a short amount of inactivity. So i went to System Settings / Hardware / Power Management to make adjustments. I found the entire Power Management screen grayed out with the accompanying message that the configuration module could not be loaded. It also states that the Power Management service appears to not be running, but could be solved by scheduling or starting it inside “Startup and Shutdown”. So i moved to startup and shutdown, located Power Management and verified that it is not running, but when i attempt to start the service i am issued a error message that says unable to start the Powerdevil server. From my research i find that Powerdevil was a part of KDE 4 used to control laptop functions. I am not using it here as this is a desktop machine HP 4400 workstation Intel® Core™ i3-2120 CPU @ 3.30GHz, 3,300.00 MHz and 4 Cores, 5.7 GiB Total Ram and a 1 TB Hard drive with over 700 Gbyts free space. This is a 64bit machine. I have also noted that while i cannot get Powerdevil activated, the system still reacts to the setting already there. Can someone tell me how to defeat the great powerdevil and regain control of my settings? This one piece of software has bee a pain in butt for KDE users for around 5 years and still has not been fixed although there are many complaints and request for help on the web.

That is indeed a strange problem as on my desktop system I am able to configure stuff like the sleep time for my monitor.
You could of course edit the config file in ~/.config yourself. Though I am not sure if it will be used if powerdevil is not running.
It might be the global acpi module or your monitor itself deciding to go to sleep.

In the case of Xorg you could try the command

xset s off which should disable sleeping of your monitor for the Xsession.
If it works you can create a script and put it into autostart ~/.local/share/plasma/env directory (create it if not there)

Thank you leszek for the quick response. I will give your suggestions a try and report back the success or failure asap.