The "new" opera browser for Linux

The “new” opera browser is now finally available for Linux, see the release announcement for full details:

For Netrunner “Standard” users, there’s a 64-bit deb package available for download at the above URL and for Netrunner “Rolling” users, there’s a package available from AUR - package name is opera-developer.

Please note, this is a developer release and should be used at your own risk!

It really doesn’t matter… Opera is, has and will always been behind the times and is not compatible with all sites. In fact with most sites! I have been running it on and off for YEARS and at least half the sites I visit are not fully compatible with Opera. I have reported issues to the Opera team on many occassions and RARELY do they ever resolve those issues.

I guess they heard you and switched their web rendering engine to the one chrome/chromium uses Blink.
So this one should be compatible with almost any site though I don’t see much difference to chromium now.

I’ve been using it on a daily basis now for two weeks and I have yet to have any compatibility issues. I also like the way in which the developers have retained some of the look and feel of the “old” Opera but having said that, it’s still a bit rough round the edges. My biggest gripe at the moment is that bookmarks are very fiddly but I’m sure that this will be sorted eventually. When all said and done, this is a developer release and we should expect a few rough edges etc. :wink:

My main complaint about the “new” opera is in setting the home page. I’ve been using a web page I made which is on a file in my computer, all my favorite links. The new opera only lets me go online to a web page. Probably store passwords online also. In this day and age I would like to keep everything on my computer since it’s somewhat safer.

Opera has been around longer than most other browsers, yet it has Never worked like a charm for me. Firefox has always been my browser of choice since its inception. They have had some issues along the way, but I could almost always get things accomplished. Not so with Opera. Listing items on ebay has always been very trying to say the least and still doesn’t work great. Opera is Not compatible with all sites and there are too many to list. But one more ridiculous issue that I will mention that IRKS me and have reported to them many times is having to double click every link on YouTube to get something to work!!

Maybe if you are a simple internet traveler with very little needs… you probably Could make Opera work for you. I cannot as I do a lot online. I have tried several times to make Opera my main browser, over the years and have even found I cannot make it my back-up browser, even with the current release. Now, they have changed the design a bit and for me, it’s a bit for the worse.
No thanks.