The next LTS version

Consideration for the next LTS version

This one is very easy KEEP IT SIMPLE ! I have tried most of the Netrunner version, on a stand alone system,starting with Frontier version 14.02. Been very happy with it, I tried to evolve with Prometheus Ver.15, Ozymandias Ver.16. To find out at the end that I was loosing stability and simplicity with each update.

Then I turned to the rolling version the 2014-09 and the 2015-09, Is it the graphic card, is it the chosen preference, :huh: but each time the OS became heavier and heavier. I suspect the plasma KDE for slowing down my computers

Many users are newcomers to Linux and Netrunner. One of the big reason to do so is to recycle our not so old computer (by today standard the equipment and software are to expensive to change year after years) then follows the security and the anonymity (just have a look at what apple android and windows are collecting, with teir last version). As I am writing this, on another computer, I am reinstalling Frontier on my portable so to stay faithful to Netrunner and it’s extraordinary support.

I could write a book full of arguments and real day example to convince you and support my wishes, but my only hope is that the Netrunner development team have a though for us ordinary user who have to do work with a computer and want to have fun at the same time. For me the base to build on is the frontier version

Thank you for considering my wishes, and your excellent support that keep your members happy