Themes Examples

Cinnamon surely has some nice consistent themeing going on:

For example:

Let’s everyone point to some favorites :slight_smile:

Ok so looking at the windeco already chosen - and I will be totally frank that that is probably not what I would chose for myself - there is a theme that meshes nicely with it and looks like it called Leichtsinn which is, like the windeco extremely bevelled and glittery.

We could use oxygen widget theme with the highlight set to max to and perhaps a leight grey color theme with dark blue high lights.

Ok so moving on. I used Forman window theme with Atolm Plasma Theme and Krita Dark color theme - all using the same base dark grey with blue highlights.

This means that we can just go insane with the wallpaper and really cram it with different strong shades of blue and it will look stunning.


I think that window decoration is not the final. It’s a candidate for the final theme, but if we come up with a better one, then it will be included as additional theme.

Nice ideas you got there. I’m not sure about dark themes, don’t get me wrong I really love dark themes and colors, it’s easier to make an impact with dark colors but I’m concerned how will they work with applications. We tried dark themes+colors before but I can’t remember if it ever was released. I’ll try your setup.

deck: I agree to dark themes, I find Elementary Plasma Theme so slick, as if the background wallpaper is dark, it appears as dark and if its light, it adjust to whatever color… while still feeling light and transparent…
For window deco, I currently love the Gnome3 version, not the Adwaita remake as the Butons feel too small on normal and too large on large, whereas tiny of the Gnome3 feels perfect size…