There is one outdated package in your system:

Just popped up this morning.

There is one outdated package in your system:

Name nepomuk-core
Outdated version 4.13.1-1
Available version 4.14.3-1

When I try to update get this This package require baloo. baloo does not exist.

:: baloo4 and baloo-frameworks are in conflict (baloo). Remove baloo-frameworks? [y/N]
And bows out as default is No. Didn’t want to mess things up so that’s where I’m at waiting.

Was wondering what it meant "Baloo is required and does not exsist?

The KDE developers depreciated nepomuk and replaced it with baloo. When this change took place nepomuk was removed from the repositories and replaced with baloo. This all should have already been changed on your system as well, unless you let it nepomuk-core get updated from the AUR.

You WILL need to remove all nepomuk AUR packages from your system and install baloo4 instead.

sudo pacman -R nepomuk-core nepomuk-widgets
sudo pacman -S baloo4 baloo4-widgets

[code]> Downloading nepomuk-core PKGBUILD from AUR…
Comment by ilpianista (2014-05-16 22:21)
Moved from [extra]

Comment by alkino (2015-04-08 09:17)
baloo4 from extra, no more provide baloo

This package require baloo. baloo does not exist.

nepomuk-core 4.14.3-1 (Fri May 16 14:37:32 PDT 2014)
( Unsupported package: Potentially dangerous ! )
==> nepomuk-core dependencies:

  • kdelibs (already installed)
  • poppler-qt (already installed)
  • taglib (already installed)
  • ffmpeg (already installed)
  • ebook-tools (already installed)
  • kdegraphics-mobipocket (already installed)
  • shared-desktop-ontologies (already installed)
  • cmake (already installed)
  • automoc4 (already installed)
  • doxygen (already installed)
  • baloo4 (package found)

==> Continue building nepomuk-core ? [Y/n]
==> --------------------------------------
I accept Y and hit return then

:: baloo4 and baloo-frameworks are in conflict (baloo). Remove baloo-frameworks? [y/N]

Override and I select Y

:: baloo4 and baloo-frameworks are in conflict (baloo). Remove baloo-frameworks? [y/N] y error: failed to prepare transaction (could not satisfy dependencies) :: gwenview: requires baloo-frameworks :: nepomuk-core: requires baloo :: netrunner-desktop: requires baloo

So confused now as seems some things do indeed need baloo and baloo-frameworks.

Orbmiser, nepomuk has been depreciated and replaced with baloo, it is no longer supported upstream.
You WILL need to remove all nepomuk AUR packages from your system and install baloo4 instead.

sudo pacman -R nepomuk-core nepomuk-widgets
sudo pacman -S baloo4 baloo4-widgets

Note: baloo-frameworks is for use with Plasma 5 only, so if it is installed on your system press Y remove it when prompted. Also, baloo will need to convert your nepomuk database and index some files your system, memory usage will be up during this process and can take quite a while depending on the amount of files it needs to index.

PS. The error your receiving has already been posted about on the nepomuk-core AUR entry page:

Only 2 I have from the Aur is nepomuk-widgets and nepomuk-core with red exclamation mark.

[code]Packages (3) nepomuk-widgets-4.12.4-1 shared-desktop-ontologies-0.11.0-1 nepomuk-core-4.13.1-1
Total Removed Size: 4.71 MiB

:: Do you want to remove these packages? [Y/n]
So removed them and yellow pacman is gone. And have Baloo installed except the baloo4 package.
And wasn’t installed by default? Should I install it also? Tho not needing indexing of files and such.

Did you not read what I posted?
Baloo-frameworks is for Plasma 5 ONLY, so yes, you will need to swap out baloo-frameworks for baloo4 since your still using KDE SC 4 (Plasma 4)

I apologize, but I posted the answer twice already.
Note: If your going to continue using Plasma 4 (KDE SC 4) instead of upgrading to Plasma 5, then you will need to replace any and all Plasma 5’s frameworks and application packages that are installed on your system with the Plasma 4 equivalents.

baloo4 instead of baloo-frameworks
kdesu4 instead of kdesu

Basically anything that has to do with the KDE Plasma desktop that has a version of it’s package with a 4 at the end of it’s name. These alternative packages are there for the sake of compatibility with keeping KDE SC 4 available in the repositories, having the wrong versions of these on your system will cause issues with applications not working as expected or even at all.

Yes but not understanding why updates didn’t deal with that? As installed libbaloo4,baloo4-widgets,baloo4-akonadi. And then it installed baloo-frameworks instead of baloo4.

Sorry not getting it as haven’t installed Plasma 5 and stuck with Default iso and whatever they gave in upgrades. As I didn’t install anything on my own but took what was given. And since I am sticking with KDE 4 for now thought the upgrades would be trouble free. As I didn’t install baloo-frameworks 5.6.2 it was done to me. And now you are saying that I shouldn’t have it installed and instead to install baloo4 instead which wasn’t installed in updates.

I assumed that is what the distro itself would take care of. If I’m rolling KDE 4 then why is baloo4 not installed by default and baloo-frameworks is? Sorry if I’m not understanding or able to figure out what is going on.

Just trying to understand and find it all very confusing. Again Sorry if I’m being dense.

As when I try to remove baloo-frameworks I get errors
gwenview: requires baloo-frameworks
netrunner-desktop: requires baloo

And then doesn’t remove it.

OK, netrunner-desktop requires baloo and baloo-widgets which no longer exists in the repositories. However baloo-frameworks provides baloo and baloo4-widgets provides baloo-widgets, the problem is that baloo4 isn’t flagged as providing baloo in it’s package description. This one can be forced to work with baloo4.

Gwenview on the other hand is a frameworks application now, this is another one of those issues with KDE Applications 15.04.0 that may have been fixed with KDE Applications 15.04.1, but I wouldn’t count on it. In upstream arch and Manjaro testing Baloo-frameworks is now just baloo again, baloo4 is still however baloo4 and these two still conflict. I’m afraid as more applications in the KDE Application releases get ported to frameworks, the harder it’s going to become to keep KDE SC 4 around. I think the main issue is that the baloo4 and similar packages are only stop gap measures as Arch transition from KDE SC 4 to Plasma 5, and that these will be removed along with the rest of KDE SC 4 sooner or later. You are right though that the upgrade path for most of the KDE Application suite is leaning more towards Plasma 5 and not KDE SC 4, which makes a lot of sense since the KDE Community has put KDE SC 4 into maintenance development only mode and will discontinue it later this year. In other words, for right NOW everything KDE is in flux until all the official applications are ported to frameworks, then by, by KDE SC 4, hello Plasma 5…

Yep this transitional thing is starting to confuse me a bit. And more things are starting to break. Been holding off on going Plasma 5 mainly for maximizing ported apps compatibility and wanting more choices in darker themes. As these old eyes hate to much white as makes me more prone to eye fatigue. And even use greasemonkey scripts to render most used sites to darker versions.

And any programs that are lagging behind I might use is also a hold-off on Plasma 5. As don’t know the state of lesser known programs like Calibre,darktable,gwenview,Vlc,Okular,Clementine,Kdenlive,etc… and how well they will make the transition to Plasma 5. I assume many will run but may look like crap?

And then been also waiting for an official Plasma 5 Netrunner Rolling Iso. But doesn’t seem to be coming soon. May have to bite the bullet and go with the Pre5 iso?

Kdenlive and Gwenview are official KDE Application and already ported to frameworks.
VLC is not a frameworks application and only uses QT, Qt4 and QT5 are both supported under Plasma 5.
Calibre also not a frameworks application and ported to QT5 already.
Clementine really only has one QT dependency, libmygpo-qt.
Darktable is a gtk application, so not an issue.

Okular is an official KDE Application, not ported yet but only requires kdebase-runtime currently.

If there are any others I can look into for you, just ask.

Nope thanks for the hands on help. Just wondering how much difference or issues? Going with the Pre5 iso or waiting for the final. I was hoping to stretch to 5.4 release but seems it’s going to be more problematic trying to hang in on 4.


Yep. :wink: or you could also just follow my tutorial and keep on using NR Rolling. :smiley:

Thanks will give that a try tomorrow or this weekend and see how it goes.