Things to fix for 18 LTS

First I’d like to say big thank you to the developers!
I’m currently using Netrunner 17 Horizon as my main OS and I’m loving it! I tried all Linux distributions over the years and all major DEs and I can say that nothing beats KDE 5 - it’s just wonderful! :*

I’m very happy with current selection of software and it’s very easy to add few additional programs that I need… ‘Discover’ is beautifully organized and very useful.

However there are few things that I’d like to see more polished for the release of 18 LTS:

  • Firefox is not regularly updated. ‘Firefox for netrunner’ version is forced and currently it stays at 43.0 when Firefox on all other platforms is 43.0.4 (even on ubuntu!)

  • Firefox addons are not signed and can’t be used right out of the box which beats the purpose of putting them there. First they have to be removed by user and then installed again from

  • ‘Start’ keyboard button (with windows logo) doesn’t start the main menu from the panel like it does on windows. I know this can be achieved because I’ve already seen it in some other distros.

  • Virtualbox doesn’t come with extension pack preinstalled, nor does it have guest additions iso. No point having virtualbox without it…

  • What I really need is wacom tablet support like the GNOME has. My Intuos Pen&Touch is recognized under system settings/input devices but the system thinks it’s a joystick. I can’t customize any buttons and it’s harder to work that way…

  • I’d like to have maybe few more apps preinstalled (bleachbit,dropbox,deluge…) but that’s really not a problem since as I said it’s very easy to find and install anything in ‘Discover’ :slight_smile:

If I think of anything else I’ll let you know. Overall great distro! Really helps me to stay organized and be more productive… I try to learn some web development and practise art, and Plasma 5 is just perfect!

Keep up the good work.


This can be achieved with ksuperkey which should come preinstalled. If its not then its a bug on our side.
Just install it and put it as autostart application.

Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

Thanks for quick reply!

I just remembered one other thing - Start->Settings->Country/Region & Language won’t actually change system language! What will change it is right clicking on a panel clock and selecting ‘Set Time Format…’ and selecting Region there! Language of that selected region will be applied to entire OS (menus and all). I don’t know if that’s supposed to be like that so I’m just flagging it as a possible bug… I actually prefer English for my OS language (I find translation to my native language distasteful for such purpose) and I just want to have calendar, numbers, currency, time, measurement and stuff like that based on my Region - but I want system language to be English! I managed to sort that out with some options digging but it would be nice to have that done for you automatically when you install OS (during my installation I selected English language and different region and only thing that was set up correctly is the local time). These are KDE options and I don’t know if they can be fully integrated with OS installer but I’m just saying… It’s not that big of a problem - just requires some minor tweaking after installation…

One other thing that crossed my mind concerning the preparation of 18 LTS - if you like to offer customized firefox with addons in this great distro - perhaps it wouldn’t hurt to consider tweaking fonts a bit so that users can get better web browsing experience?

More info here:

So if I want to get the normal behaviour back and use the “win” key as an additional modifier like Ctrl and Alt I have to purge ksuperkey?

[quote]So if I want to get the normal behaviour back and use the “win” key as an additional modifier like Ctrl and Alt I have to purge ksuperkey?
No you just need to deactivate it in autostart or close the app in ksysguard for the current session.
But if you really don’t need it you can also remove that package.

I hope the “Configure shown data” function on Dolphin is fixed, it used to be very helpful.

works like a charm here, right out of the box. using KMenu = KickOffMenu :smiley: