Time for a change

Time to say good-bye!
I loved netrunner from the start. That’s why I installed it as main productiv system on 5 machines of mine and 7 machines of friends.
For a long time now: no action, no information, no update, no new version. Nothing but silence.
Seems to be: netrunner has died, slowely and silently.
For me as user a not acceptable situation. Result: exchanging netrunner.
I don’t love that action, because that means a lot of work. But I’ve started that already on my 5 machines.
So thank you for a fast and reliable system that was running for some years.
Have a good time!

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Hello proxo,
and which os to you use now?
I stay with neptune …



Servus Dieter,
Neptune kenne ich auch, ist ja Leszek eine Hauptfigur. Ist bestimmt ein gutes System.
Nachdem ich aber selbst 6 Maschinen betreibe und auch bei etlichen Freunden installiere, brauche ich einen funktionierenden support und ein ansprechendes, vitales Forum für Probleme und Fragen.
In dieser Hinsicht ist auch Neptune leider eine Nummer zu klein und nicht hinreichend.
Besten Gruß

We are very much here! Due to major changes in Debian Bullseye, there has been some delay in our latest release. It has been ironed out and we are in the final testing of our new release!

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Ok, about a month and a half since your message. Can you give me some details on the progress? I like Netrunner, have installed it on g’kid’s laptop and wife’s desktop and they both love the way it works BUT I would like to know when the next version is appearing. I am supposed to get a Win10 laptop this weekend which will get scrubbed and Netrunner installed. Hate to do all that just to turn around and reinstall the newer version. ALSO, what is involved in upgrading the kernel to latest version? Any issues with that?


Hello! Sorry I am no longer on the Netrunner team. We were very close, so I am certain the new team in place will have a release soon. Thank you for your patience. It will be worth the wait. Cheers,

So, we’re coming to the forums to speculate amongst each other about what is happening with this distro we’re all clearly invested in.
Why is there no official word about progress, delays, roadmaps, updates, etc?
I’m glad sgmoore gave out a bit of info, but we’re literally just hearing from another member on the forum. Is anyone officially, and actively with the Netrunner team able to let us know what we can expect?

@SaberX08 Indeed, I wrote to Distrowatch in mid November about if they have heard anything. They told me that they would expect a new version from them as usual in 2023 but personally I don’t see this happening. Just nothing but silence from the Netrunner end. Super frustrating as I wish they would at least let us know that they are done so we can just move on instead of making us wait with anticipation.

Imagine that, Vaporwave is here, long live Netrunner