Tlp configuration

Hi there

I recently installed the tlp program for managing the CPU/power management. As I understood this should be the default one in Manjaro now.

I have not made any configuration of it thought yet. I was going to follow the instructions here and do the suggested grub changes as well.

However, in the tlp configuration file it says one should inactivate any distro CPU governor, as any CPU governor changes in the tlp config file might clash with governor settings from the distro. I did some changes in the cpupower config would those clash if I would start using the tlp insted. There is nothing in the manjaro configuration that mentions this.


TLP was the default on the 2014.09 ISO already.

Prior to the switch to TLP when laptop-mode-tools was used as default, we needed cpupower installed because LMT didn’t provide CPU frequency scaling functions, but TLP does provide those so yes, you’ll need to remove cpupower as it will conflict with TLP.