TLP will replace LMT soon.

Manjaro is moving towards replacing LMT (laptop mode tools) with TLP, Netrunner Rolling will also be subject to this change. It is recommended that this change should be made now to avoid support issues in the future.

To make the switch now just open up Konsole and enter these commands:

sudo pacman -S tlp iw smartmontools thermald && sudo systemctl enable tlp-sleep.service && sudo systemctl enable tlp && sudo systemctl start tlp && sudo systemctl enable thermald.service && sudo systemctl start thermald.service && sudo systemctl enable acpid && sudo systemctl start acpid

That’s all there is to it, TLP will now be installed, enabled and running.

Thanks very much for this post!

I forgot to mention you will also need to remove LMT:

sudo pacman -R laptop-mode-tools