Dear MODS,

sorry if this is in the wrong place. Has anyone seen a good spoonfed tutorial on installing TOR, Privoxy, or chaining them? I have researched and researched and now I am lost. I may have to enter IRC :frowning: but I love this forum and want to see it grow. Maybe add TOR and Privoxy in 13? :slight_smile: TY for reading, any help is greatly appreciated.

I’ll look for a tutorial when I have time again. But additional I want to suggest you to use a vpn. Compared to TOR vpns are mostly faster and some are for free too. You get anonymous also.

Your idea to integrate TOR in a future release sounds good to me. Why not offering a ‘TOR featured browser’? :idea:


Can’t they be used together? I am paying for a vpn soon, just wanted everything else set up first. Every tutorial I find, I miss a step or there is extra code or it isn’t netrunner specific. I was hoping others on here used it and could give me a nudge. Yes, thank you for the suggestions. I would love to see some more privacy programs in Netrunner. It has been an adventure setting all this up. Thanks SAINT

Hello JohnDoe!
First of all: TOR and vpn can be used together. But before you set it up some questions must be cleared.For example: What is my intention? How do I pay vpn? Access TOR through VPN or VPN through TOR? For answering these questions I suggest a look at TOR and VPN.
I think a easy (and a usefull) way to use both is to access TOR through a VPN. I’ll try that next time.

Hi JohnDoe321!
I connected to my VPN-Provider and after that I used the TOR-Browserbundle to connect to the TOR network and surfed the WWW. What should I say? It worked for me. :wink:

Agreed! However I am currently having issues with TOR. I follow the tutorials, but there is always something left out or extra. Is Netrunner wheezy lenny sneezy or doc? IDK, cat commands don’t work for repositories. That’s why I thought it would be great having it already set up in new release. Why doesn’t Netrunner offer full disk encryption like Ubuntu if it is Ubuntu based? Ty for the TOR link, but there has to be a more spoonfed way:( I need to go back to Linux school haha

Tor browser bundle worked for you? You didn’t have to download the repositories then change the keys and scripts and all that mess?

No! Download, start the script, thats all. You get a seperate pre-configured Firefox and a config-utility called ‘vidalia’. :slight_smile:
That thing fits my needs. Perhaps it is enough for you too?

yes I know it! but argh. I thought I had to do the repositories not the bundle, grrrrrr

Calm down and try to see it in a positive light: You must have learned something about TOR.

By the way: Never use or unpack the bundle as ‘root’ . Make use of encryption (like https) for the way from TOR to the destination. - But I think you know this.

And now: Have fun with it.

thanks, you know what I did? I did it that way because that’s how I installed it for Ubuntu, /facedesk.
Privoxy works, TOR works, on to other things. Thank you.