Touchpad Issue on New HP Installation

I don’t know how or if this can be resolved. Maybe I need more specific drivers loaded into the laptop. Hopefully someone can help,
So I am getting around my desk top by using a usb mouse as the double tap functions will not work on the touchpad. Finger sliding gets the cursor where you want it now, that is after installation. During installation the cursor was awry all over the screen. It is more stable now and will get to a precise point, But you have to use a click button instead of double tap to activate what you are floating over, In some cases the button tap also does not work and activation only works with the usb mouse.
I did have netrunner operating on a different laptop and never experienced this, But as this is a new laptop I’d prefer to get this working so I can stay with netrunner.
Any suggestions?
Thanks ahead of time, Randy

Have you taken a look at the touchpad settings in systemsettings -> input devices ?