Touchpad issue

Hello, I am trying to install netrunner in my old computer, which I did not update for an year - Now trying to update netrunner broke the installation.

So I downloaded a fresh copy of netrunner rolling, created a DVD and I am trying to boot from the said DVD.

However, right after bootup, the touchpad is dead - after plymouth quits, i can still move the pointer, then the KDE wallpaper loades, and then it freezes. It is a SynPS/2 synaptik touchpad. There is no FN key combination to enable/disable it - there is a special button by the side, but that is active.

The touchpad is not disabled in bios.

Please help.

It must be detecting something as a mouse. Go into system settings > input devices > enable/disable touchpad, next uncheck disable touchpad when mouse is plugged in and hit apply. Your touchpad should now be turned back on.

Now look to see what is coming up as a mouse in the dropdown menu for ignored devices. You might just have one of the few trackpoint type devices that isn’t already in the ignore list.

Hi, that is happening when is BOOT from DVD - I cant reach the menu without the pointer. But in case of the old installation. MCE IR / keyboard is the only entry there.

The menu can be pulled up with the super (windows) key, and navigated with the arrow keys. If you don’t have a superkey, ALT+F1 works as well.

However yes, the MCE IR / keyboard will be detected as a mouse and disable the touchpad. You can either add it to the ignore list or turn this feature off.

Ok, thank you. It’s working. But now it says : bad source, although booted fro. the sane DVD

Where is it saying bad source?
So you burned it to a DVD, did you burn it at the lowest write speed you can possibly set it to?