tray menu -- run programs from the system tray

finally! the deployment crisis is over! :wink:

ever installed a package and a menu entry for it was nowhere to be found?
in 30 years of Linux, nobody wanted to fix this deployment crisis.
Hence, only ONE solution remains: create your menu manually yourself.
Nothing else will ever work in Linux.
How? just put a bash line into the traymenu, restart, done. Greatest tool ever!! :smiley: :slight_smile:

in the attached .zip file is just an icon and this little bash script β€œtray menu”


# This is the Traymenu 2.5 script, which can be conveniently auto-started at every log-in.

#     it must reside as an executable (set the EXE bit attribute) text file   named  :      /home/YOU/traymenu

# traymenu works well in liquidshell !

# You can add menu items in a very simple manner, by adding a line in this script file.
# This makes sense for programs which are not found by  "PkgBrowser"
# and hence must be added manually: possible examples are "packagesearch", "apper" or "xara" ,  "App-finder"  //  in Debian , anyway.
# make sure you have a nice icon file in place at  ~   which is like  /home/YOU/tm.png

#  click middle mouse button to quit this Traymenu

#  run 
#                                                                         sudo pacman -S  install gksudo yad
#  in Netrunner Rolling Release 2018.1   to have everything working
cd $HOME # keep icon in symlinked autostart, this line is not in the zipfile yet

rm          $PIPE
mkfifo      $PIPE
exec 3<>    $PIPE
yad --notification --listen                                               <&3 &

# do not use ~ , use  $HOME  instead                   
echo "menu:\
dolphin                       !dolphin .                |\
kate                          !kate    &                |\
su mc                         !gksudo -u root konsole   |\
edit this tray menu  2.5      !kate $HOME/traymenu      |\
new tray menu after edit      !     $HOME/traymenu      |  "              >&3

echo "icon:$HOME/tm.png"                                                  >&3
echo "tooltip:Tray menu - right click on icon for a user-modifiable menu" >&3

# tooltip seems to be broken in currenty yad - may work if fixed later

# release thread 2016 :  this version = 2.5 
# dolphin                       !dolphin &                |\