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Tweaking the mouse

Need to find the correct pack to download to achieve a mouse tweak that has being of good use to me,
presently in Netrunner Rolling all I can find is this in settings

If I can getting setting to have this to change ( arrow )

would be great

I’ve looked at this on their page and doesn’t look like that’s what I need

any thoughts on what I could use ?

Thanks in advance

Look here:

If I read this correctly

“The KDE System Settings can show both the old evdev and the new libinput settings”

how or actually what do I need to get to run this set-up

having off days at the moment

thanks in advance

edit I’ve reread and more -
so this is not available nor able to work ( image 2 ) in kde now , have I got that right this time ?

Yes, the settings change depending on what xorg driver is in use.
The Synaptic drivers used to add those settings, but they have been removed quite some time ago.

Did you create an /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/11-evdev.conf file to change the diver to use evdev instead of libinput?

Thanks for the quick replies
I have not created or changed anything because it’s a bit beyond me how to go about doing these things .

Well, you’ll have to live with libinput then.

I can live with it
Thank for the reply , maybe one day I’ll look into it

Another option is imwheel which can increase scroll speed either globally or per-application (or both). It’s something I always have to do with any KDE Plasma install, regardless of distro. I made a video explaining how to do so here -

Thank You esa1975 for the option, maybe it will help others also.